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Voice actions

You can use your voice to perform simple actions on your M600.

Please note that some voice actions may not be available in all languages. Visit Android Wear Help to see which languages are supported for voice actions.

See Operating the Polar app for information on which voice actions work with the Polar app.

To use voice actions

  1. Make sure the home screen of your M600 is active.
  2. Say "Ok Google". If your voice is recognized, you'll see a picture of a microphone with the text Speak now.
  3. Say the action you want to perform. For example, you can say "Start a run."

To ensure the voice actions function properly, you should speak clearly, ideally in quiet places, and avoid speaking in dialectal accents .

What can you do with voice actions

After you've said "Ok Google" and your voice is recognized, you can swipe up to see a list of the voice actions you can perform on the M600. You can also get to the list by swiping left three times from the home screen. You can find more detailed instructions from the Android Wear Help site.

From this page you can find instructions on how to change the apps that you use for voice actions.

See also the instructions in this manual under Using the M600 to find out what else you can do using your voice, for example, how to send texts or how to get Quick answers.