Polar Active User Manual


Button Functions

KEYLOCK: Press and hold to lock or unlock buttons.


  • Exit menu and return to previous level.

  • Cancel selections and leave settings unchanged.

  • Press and hold to return to the time view from any view.



  • Move through the menu and selection lists, and adjust values.

  • In the time view, press and hold to change the watch face.


  • Confirm selections.

  • In the time view, press to check feedback on your daily activity.

DOWN: Move through the menu and selection lists, and adjust values.

If you don't know where your are in the menu, press and hold the RED button until the time is displayed.

Enter Settings

For the activity feedback to be accurate, all user information must be valid.

  1. Before you use the Polar Active for the first time, enter the basic settings.

  2. Before changing the user, enter the correct user information.

Using the Polar Active for the First Time

To activate the monitor, press any button for one second.

Basic settings can be entered manually or by using polargofit.com web service and Polar FlowLink. To skip entering the basic settings manually, press and hold the RED button.

Use the UP and DOWN buttons to move through selection lists and to adjust values. Confirm selections with the GREEN button.

  1. Language: Select English, Español, Français, Italiano, Português, Suomi, Svenska or Deutsch.

  2. Please enter basic settings is displayed.

  3. TIME FORM. (time format): Select 24 hours or 12 hours.

  4. TIME: Set the time of day. In 24 hour format, set Hours first and then Minutes. In the 12 hour format, start by setting AM or PM, and then hours and minutes.

  5. DATE: Set Day, Month, Year. If you select the 12 h format, set Month, Day, Year.

  6. UNITS: Set Imperial units (LBS, FT) or Metric units (KG, CM). By selecting lbs/ft, calories are displayed as CAL, otherwise they are shown as kcal. Calories are measured as kilocalories.

  7. Weight: Enter your weight.

  8. Height: Enter your height.

  9. Date of birth: In 24 hours format, set first Day of birth, in 12 hours format start with Month of birth.

  10. Sex: Select Girl/Boy, or if you are over 18 years old, Female/Male.

  11. ID: Set the identification code for the activity monitor. First select a letter (A-Z) for the case, and then a number (1-99) for the monitor. For more information on the purpose of the monitor ID, see Polar Active System Guide.

Settings OK? is displayed. Press UP or DOWN to select and confirm with the GREEN button.

  • YES: Settings are accepted and saved and the Polar Active enters the time view.

  • NO: Start entering the basic settings from the beginning.

Press UP or DOWN to select and confirm with the GREEN button.

Changing User

In the time view, press DOWN and select Settings > User Information. For more information, see Settings.

When the date of birth or sex are changed, Reset diary memory? is displayed. Select YES to erase data from the activity diary or NO to keep it.