Which products are compatible with Polar FlowSync software?

Polar FlowSync 4 is fully compatible with:

  • Grit X
  • Grit X Pro
  • Ignite
  • Ignite 2
  • M200
  • M400
  • M430
  • M460
  • OH1
  • Pacer
  • Pacer Pro
  • Unite
  • Vantage M
  • Vantage M2
  • Vantage V
  • Vantage V2
  • Verity Sense
  • V650

Polar FlowSync 4 is partially compatible with:

  • Ignite 3
  • Vantage V3

We recommend syncing with Flow app as we're gradually sunsetting FlowSync. FlowSync doesn't support all the features on your watch, which means that some of the data won't be synced. This data includes routes, favorites and targets, as well as measurements of skin temperature, blood oxygen level and wrist ECG. For full support, we recommend syncing with Polar Flow app.

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