Polar ProTrainer 5 FREE 30-day trial

Test-drive the Polar ProTrainer 5 software with this 30-day trial!

Use the software to plan your exercises and to download done exercises from your Polar product. See your progress in the exercise graph; analyze your heart rate curve and heart rate distribution, compare your success on different days. Create progress reports to know where you are heading. To open sample exercises, select File Open HR File and pick the exercise file from Samples folder.

Polar ProTrainer 5 trial software is compatible with:


  • Polar CS600 (included in set)

  • Polar CS600X / CS600X with Power (included in set)

  • Polar CS400 (included in set)

  • Polar RS800 / RS800G3 / RS800sd (included in set)

  • Polar RS800CX / RS800CX BIKE / RS800CX MULTI / RS800CX Pro Team Edition / RS800CX RUN (included in set)

  • Polar RS400 / RS400sd (included in set)

  • Polar AXN700 (included in set)

  • Polar AXN500 (included in set)

  • Polar S810i / S810

  • Polar S725X / S625X (included in set)

  • Polar S725

  • Polar S720i / S710i / S710

  • Polar S610i / S610

  • Polar S520 / S510

  • Polar S410

  • Polar Team System

Click here to download your free 30-day trial. (Size approx. 10.5 Mb)

Impressed with the trial?
Please contact your closest retailer to get a copy.
For US customers, Polar ProTrainer 5 software is also available at

If you have Polar Precision Performance software on your computer, make sure you do not install the ProTrainer 5 trial to the same folder (by default Polar Precision Performance is located at: C:\Program Files\Polar\Polar Precision Performance). You can attach your Polar Precision Performance data to ProTrainer 5. Please see How to add an existing person to a team.

The trial software Help is only available in English.
The trial expires in 30 days. It cannot be updated or re-installed.

Minimum System requirements for Polar ProTrainer 5 trial

  • Windows® XP (32bit) / Vista / 7

  • IrDA compatible port (an external IrDA device or an internal IR port)

  • Pentium II 200 MHz processor or faster

  • SVGA or higher resolution monitor

  • 20 MB hard-disk space to install the trial and software help in English

* Serial port is required if you are using Polar IR Interface for serial port
** Dynamic speaker is needed to transfer settings from the software to your Polar S-series product via Polar UpLink. A dynamic speaker has a magnet inside. Laptops usually have piezo-electronic speakers, which do not have a magnet. On a laptop, please use headphones with dynamic speakers.


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