Maintenance of your Polar product

Like any electronic device, the Polar training computer should be treated with care. The suggestions given here will help you to keep the product in peak condition and maintain its water resistance properties.

Training computer

  • Keep it clean.
  • Wipe off any moisture before storing it.
  • Don't store in non-breathable material or in a damp environment, e.g. plastic bag or damp gym bag.
  • Don't operate the buttons whilst under water or when wet.
  • Keep it out of extreme cold (below –10 °C/14 °F) and heat (above 50 °C/120 °F).
  • Avoid hard hits to training computer.

You can wash the training computer with mild soap and water solution under running water. Remember not to press any buttons while washing.

Heart rate sensor

Proper care of the heart rate sensor after every use ensures good heart rate signal detection and longer service life.

For detailed product-specific instructions, see Polar T31C transmitter maintenance.

If the battery runs out

The first sign that the battery may be running out is when the digits on the training computer display fade when using the back light (available in certain models) or when transmission range of the heart rate sensor decreases. In some cases, regular abnormal heart rate readings during exercise might be caused by low battery charge of the training computer and/or the heart rate sensor.

Depending on the Polar product model you can either change the battery yourself or you need to have it changed by a Polar-authorized service center. For more information, see Battery change in Polar product or Battery empty in the Polar heart rate sensor.

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