Polar tests - Which one is for me?

If you're a pro athlete, knowing your VO2max as precisely as possible is important. If you enjoy leisurely bike rides on Sunday mornings occasionally and go to the gym every now and then, there's probably no point in taking a lab test or an all-out field test.

To make sure that your results are as reliable as possible, you need to perform the test in similar conditions every time.

For a performance test (running, cycling), you should prepare as if it was a competition. Fully recovered.

In addition to aerobic fitness tests, which measure your performance, you can use the Orthostatic test or the Leg recovery test to see how you have recovered from training.

Aerobic fitness testing in Polar ecosystem

Aerobic fitness tests

Overview of tests

Test Time needed For whom Conditions Test result How often Why

Fitness test

5 min


Especially those who can't take Walking test or Running performance test.

Quiet place to lie down

Beat, Flow app, Grit X, Grit X Pro, Grit X2 Pro, H9, H10, Ignite, Ignite 2, Ignite 3, M400, M430, M460, OH1, Pacer, Pacer Pro, Unite, Vantage M, Vantage V, Vantage V2, Vantage V3, Verity Sense

VO2max and fitness level

When you're about to start training.

Quick and comfortable way to check your fitness level when you're about to start training.

Walking test

30 min

Most people interested in tracking their fitness level.

People who are not ready to take Running performance test.

The test is not the best option for those who are highly fit.

Flat route, ~ 2km

Grit X2 Pro, Ignite 3, Pacer, Pacer Pro, Vantage V3

VO2max and fitness level

Distance walked and test heart rate

About every 3 months.

Simple and safe test to follow aerobic fitness level.

Cycling test

30-90 min

Shorter test sessions of 20, 30 or 40 min are also possible

Experienced cyclists

A shorter test is better for inexperienced cyclists.

Bike power sensor needed

Grit X Pro, Grit X2 Pro, Pacer Pro, Vantage V2, Vantage V3

(functional threshold power)
- Watts
- Watts/kg with textual feedback


Power zones

Once every 2 or 3 months.

Reveals your power level, helps you keep track of how your performance is developing, and to find out your unique training zones for cycling sports.

Running test

30-40 min

People who have recent experience in running.

Flat route (such as a running track)

You can choose either maximal or submaximal test type

Grit X, Grit X Pro, Grit X2 Pro, Ignite 3, Pacer, Pacer Pro, Vantage V2, Vantage V3

Maximal aerobic speed (MAS)

Maximal aerobic power (MAP)


HR max (only with maximal test)

In the beginning/end of each training phase.

Maximal: once in every three months.

Submaximal: as often as you wish.

Helps you keep track of how your running performance is developing.

You get personalized speed, power and HR zones for running sports.

Orthostatic test

4 min

People who want to see if their cardio system is recovered and ready for the next cardio training session.

HR sensor

Place to lie down

Grit X Pro, Grit X2 Pro, M460, Vantage V, Vantage V2, Vantage V3

Feedback on the recovery of your cardio system

Readiness for cardio training

It's recommended to take at least 3 tests per week, preferably in the morning to get the full benefit from this test. The more measurements you take, the more reliable the feedback is.

Keep an eye on the balance between training and recovery.

Leg recovery test

About 60 seconds (three consecutive counter-movement jumps)

People who want to follow their lower body explosive strength.

People who want to see if their leg muscles are recovered.

Grit X Pro, Grit X2 Pro, Vantage V2, Vantage V3

Jump height (cm)

Feedback on your leg recovery

Readiness for speed and strength training

As often as you wish.

Three jump tests on different days during a 28-day-period are needed for leg recovery feedback.

Helps you see how your leg muscles have recovered.

Help you see how your lower body explosive strength is developing.


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