Troubleshooting RC3 GPS synchronization

What do I need to sync my training data from RC3 GPS to web service?

You'll need:

What if sync fails?

  1. Check that you've got the latest WebSync software version.
  2. Check that you are able to login to
  3. Check that you're syncing according to instructions. See also WebSync error message descriptions and recommended action.

    We recommend that you use the USB data cable included in the RC3 GPS product package. Using a mere USB recharge cable will probably not work.

  4. Make sure that firewall and antivirus software are not blocking Polar WebSync and Polar Daemon.
  5. Try connecting the training computer to another USB port and retry syncing.
  6. Connect the training computer to your computer with a USB cable and restart your computer. If the synchronization works after restarting computer then some other software starting in computer startup may be reserving Polar Daemon service (included in WebSync). Try disabling all programs when you start the computer. This is how.

    Windows 7
    Select Start > Search programs and files  write msconfig > select StartUp tab > click Disable all button > OK > Restart.

    Windows 8 
    Either: Search > Task Manager > StartUp > disable all programs but WebSync shown on the list. Try syncing again. 
    After sync, you can use "Enable all" button to allow all programs start up again if you like.
    Or: Try restarting Polar Daemon manually. Go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. Select Polar Daemon from the list > Restart.

  7. Try resetting RC3 GPS Press and hold all side buttons (except red button) simultaneously until display turns off. Press red button to activate the training computer again.. You need to re-enter date and time settings. Other data is safe. After reset, try syncing again.
  8. Check that your operating system recognizes the USB cable and that the cable is working properly.

    - Connect the RC3 GPS with the cable to the computer’s USB port.
    - Open the Device Manager. 
    - Go to the Human Interface Devices list.
    There can be more than one HID compliant device, so check each of them:

    a. Double-click on the HID-compliant device.
    b. In General, check that the device is functioning properly. 

    If RC3 GPS is not listed, please reconnect the RC3 GPS to the USB port and click Scan for hardware changes in Device Manger toolbar.

    Check again if you can now find the RC3 GPS.

    c. In Details choose Hardware Ids from the drop-down list. Check Value list. RC3 GPS should show a value starting with VID_0DA4&PID_0006. 

If still no joy, please contact your local Polar customer care. Include the WebSync log file in your message. 

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