Troubleshooting WebSync Data Synchronization

If you have any problems in synchronization data between your Polar training computer and via WebSync software, please check following troubleshooting tips:

1. Make sure that your product is compatible with the WebSync software and your are using the latest version of the software: Polar WebSync Software

2. Make sure you are using data transfer unit compatible with your Polar product:
DataLink Compatibility
FlowLink Compatibility

3. Make sure the data transfer unit is working correctly:
Troubleshooting DataLink
Troubleshooting FlowLink

4. Make sure you are able to login to web service.

5. Check your data synchronization procedure:
Data Transfer from FT7/FT60/FT80/RS300X to
Synchronize Data Between RCX5/RCX3 and

6. If the FlowLink ALIGN and/or DATA light does not lit, follow the instructions here: FlowLink Connection Indicators

7. If your receive an error message see the error messages and their resolutions here: WebSync Errors

8. Make sure that firewall and/or antivirus software is not preventing data transmission.

9. If you have problems with Internet/server connection, check your proxy settings. To set proxy settings, right-click on WebSync icon in taskbar and select WebSync Settings Network Settings tab.

You can get your proxy settings from your local service provider. You can also try using a direct connection to the Internet or automatically detected network settings.10. Close and restart WebSync software. Right-click WebSync icon in taskbar and select Exit WebSync.
Start the WebSync software again from the desktop icon. Retry data synchronization.

If these troubleshooting tips does not help, please contact Polar Customer Service with details of the synchronization problem.

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