Troubleshooting for base station blue 2 light when using the ethernet cable

If you are using the Ethernet cable connection and the 2nd light does not light up in the base station, make sure that:


  • Team2 software is running.

  • the base station is switched on.

  • the Ethernet cable is plugged into the base station and the PC.

  • the your the lights of Ethernet port on your PC are flashing. If the lights are not flashing unplug and re-plug the Ethernet cable. If this does not help, restart the base station. Use only a cross-wired Ethernet cable (included in Team2 set).

  • Make sure Ethernet connection is enabled:

1. Select Start Settings Control Panel Network connections.
2. Right-click on Local Area ConnectionEnable.


When all of the above is checked:


  • Close the software and switch off the base station.

  • Switch on the base station and wait until blue light 1 is on. Start the software again.

  • Check that the status of your local area network (LAN) connection is Connected

  • Check that the base station IP address is 192.168.42.x (x can be any number).

Select Start Settings Control Panel Network connections.
Right-click Local Area Connection and select Status. The status is displayed on the General tab.

Select Support tab. IP address is displayed.

If the IP address is something else, click Repair button.
If this does not help, reboot your PC.

When all of the above is checked:

  • Reboot your PC.

  • Update LAN adapter drivers (adapter manufacturer's web site).

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