How to start a session

After the exercisers have signed up for the session, the instructor takes over the PC.

1. Click Instructor Settings.

2. Select a session from the left. You can see the selected session's settings next to the list.

3. Select the connector number from Number drop-down list.

4. Type in your name / initials / nickname into Name field.

5. Select Highlight in session box if you want your information to be highlighted on the screen during the session.

6. Select either Maximum heart rate or Age and type in the value.
If you do not know your maximum heart rate, it can be calculated (estimated) based on your age (220 - age = maximum heart rate). Age value must be between 10 and 99 years and maximum heart rate between 120 and 250 beats per minute. If the value you give does not meet these limits, the field background colour will be shown in red.

7. Select Start.

8. Exercisers' names are displayed on the screen. Make sure everyone is ready to start the session.

9. Click the start button to start the session.

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