How can I automatically sync my data from Polar Flow to Strava?

You can now automatically sync your training sessions from the Polar Flow web service to Strava. All you need to do is connect your Polar Flow account to the Strava service and you’ll see your training sessions in Strava as well!

After you’ve joined your Polar Flow and Strava accounts your training sessions will also be synced to Strava when you sync them to Polar Flow. The sync can be done either with Polar FlowSync, via Polar Flow app or from Polar Beat if you’ve trained with the Polar Beat app.

The training sessions you already have in Polar Flow can be transferred with Polar Flow’s Export function.

Connecting Polar Flow and Strava accounts

To connect your Polar Flow account to Strava:

  1. First make sure you have a Polar Flow account and a Strava account.
  2. Sign into Polar Flow.
  3. Click your name in the top right corner and choose Settings.
  4. Click Partners tab.
  5. Click the Connect button right beside Strava.

  6. Confirm Strava window opens. Click OK.

  7. Log into Strava.

  8. The authorization page opens. Click Authorize.

  9. The browser returns to Polar Flow and Account connected! appears.


You can link several Polar Flow accounts to one Strava account.

Disconnecting Polar Flow and Strava accounts

If you want to disconnect Polar Flow and Strava, just click the Disconnect button in the Polar Flow settings. After disconnecting, your training sessions aren’t synced to Strava. Disconnecting also deactivates the data sync to Strava from Polar Flow app.

What kind of training sessions can be synced to Strava?

You can sync training sessions that have been done with a Polar training device or with the Polar Beat app. To be able to sync a training session to Strava, it has to contain sample data (needed to draw curves) from one of the following: GPS, heart rate, altitude, cadence or power.

Training sessions you can’t sync to Strava:

  • manually added training sessions
  • training sessions that don’t include any sample data
  • training sessions that have been synced with Polar group solutions or from third party applications or services, for example, Polar Club or My Fitness Pal
  • training sessions that have been transferred to Polar Flow from or from Polar ProTrainer 5
  • training sessions that have been synced to Polar Flow before connecting Polar Flow to Strava. These training sessions can be transferred to Strava with Polar Flow’s export function.

How are the training sessions shown in Strava?

There may be some differences in the data shown in Strava. For example, GPS location or altitude may vary a bit because of the differences in the calculation methods between Polar Flow and Strava.

You can see your training session’s pause time in Strava when using a Polar V650. Just make sure you have the latest software version (1.3.3) on your Polar V650. We are continuosly working on implementing this feature also to our other Flow compatible GPS devices.

Calorie data is not transferred from Polar Flow to Srava. However, Strava calculates calories for cycling and running sports. Calorie calculation for cycling requires power data, and calorie calculation for running requires weight information in Strava.

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