Interference caused by fitness equipment

Some exercise equipment with electronic or electrical components such as LED displays, motors, and electrical brakes may cause interfering stray signals. However, this type of interference can usually be overcome by relocating the Training Computer.

  1. Remove the heart rate sensor from your chest and use the exercise equipment as you would normally.
  2. Move the Training Computer around (still in recording mode) until you find an area in which it displays no stray reading from the exercise equipment or does not flash the heart symbol. Interference is often worst directly in front of the display panel of the equipment, while the left or right side of the display is relatively free of disturbance.
  3. Place the heart rate sensor back onto your chest and keep the Training Computer in this interference-free area as much as possible.

If the Training Computer still does not work with the exercise equipment, it may be electrically too noisy for wireless heart rate measurement.

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