How to Transfer Data to Polar ProTrainer 5 via IrDA

To connect your Polar product to Polar ProTrainer 5 software, you will need either an external or internal IrDA device, for instance the Polar IrDA USB Adapter.

Check in Options Preferences Hardware that you have the correct IR Communication Port selected.

If you are using Polar IrDA USB Adapter select IrDA.

The IR Communication Port USB option is reserved only for the Polar IR Interface for USB port device.

1. Press the lower right button of your Polar product to enter Connect mode. Do not press any other button.

2. Face the Polar product to the IrDA adapter/internal IrDA port.
Polar product should be maximum of one meter (39 inches) range from Polar IrDA USB Adapter.
The Polar product will be detected if it is within a 30 degree angle from the infrared window of the adapter.
Leave a minimum of 1 cm (0.4 inches) space between the devices.

The connection is correctly established if the Polar product automatically changes from Connect mode to infrared communication mode.
In RS800CX the infrared window is located on top of the display, above Polar logo.
In CS600X the infrared window is located on upper left corner of the product.

If you have an internal IrDA port, please see that the Polar product and the laptop infrared windows are parallel to each other. You may help this by bringing the laptop closer to the edge of the table.

You should have this icon in the taskbar (bottom right of your computer display) to indicate that you have established connection with the computer.

3. To transfer data, you can either choose to
a) synchronize exercise data between the Polar product and the Polar ProTrainer 5 or
b) edit settings in the software and then transfer them to the product.
a) To transfer exercise and/or training plan data
1. Click or select Tools Transfer DataA Software Preferences window appears.

If Software Preferences window is not displayed, go to Options Preferences Transfer Data to select transfer settings.

If you have created training plan(s), and you want to transfer that to your Polar product, select Update training program in Polar product in Software Preferences.

If you are uncertain on whether your Polar product can receive a training program created in the ProTrainer 5, please check the Polar product user manual .

2. Click OK.

3. A transfer window indicates that connection is established.

The more the training computer includes data the longer the data transfer will take.
Do not move training computer or IrDA adapter during data transfer.

4. Once the transfer is complete you will find your exercises on the appropriate dates in the Calendar. A date with exercises you have not yet analyzed (you have not entered the Training Diary view on this date) has a colored corner.

b) To edit settings
1. Click or select Tools Edit Polar Product Settings. Infrared Connection window appears and the settings data located on your Polar product are automatically read to the software.

2. In the Polar product settings window, select Exercise Files to get the list of exercises currently on your Polar product.
3. Go to the settings you want to edit and click the transfer button in the bottom right corner to transfer the edited settings to the Polar product.

The settings and settings dialogs vary according to features available in the Polar product.

If the data transfer starts but does not complete, it might be due to low battery level in training computer.

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