How does a Polar Training Computer measure heart rate?

Heart rate is like a window into your physical condition. It tells you your body's exertion level. The harder you train, the higher amount of oxygen you consume and the higher your heart rate is. By listening to your heart rate, by peering through that window into your physical condition, you get real-time guidance during training that is specific to you.

A Polar training computer helps you to listen to your body. Each training computer has two parts: the training computer itself and a heart rate sensor to read your heart rate.

The heart rate sensor is attached around the chest with an elastic strap. It detects your heart beat, the electric signal of the heart, at the accuracy and reliability of the electrocardiogram (ECG). It then gives a timing reference for the heart beat occurrences and transmits the information to the training computer. The training computer reads this transmission from the heart rate sensor and calculates the number of beats per minute your heart is working at.

By listening to your heart, the training computer can tell you exactly how hard you need to exercise and for how long so that you get the most out of each exercise session.

Polar training computers offer a variety of different features, all based on your individual heart rate. To find out what Polar features your training computer supports, please see your product user manual.

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