How to Move Exercise Data to Another Computer

You can move data from

  • Polar Precision Performance → ProTrainer 5

  • ProTrainer 5 → ProTrainer 5

Check that the target software path (where you move your data to) is correct. The target software folder can be located on the same computer or on a different computer from your source data.

On the original computer

1. Go to the software installation folder (use resource management).
See Related Documents for ProTrainer 5 software data default location.
Polar Precision Performance installation folder is located by default at C:\Program Files\Polar\Polar Precision Performance.

2. Find the personal folder and copy it e.g. to a USB stick.
You can either choose to copy the entire folder, or choose the exercises you wish to take to the other location.

In the example picture below, you can see the personal folder for a person named Jane Star.

The exercise data is located in year folders.
To see exercise data in the software calendar, the exercise file (*.hrm) and diary data file (*.pdd) will need to be available in the correct year folder.

The *.hrm file stores your heart rate and other exercise data such as speed and cadence.
The *.pdd file stores your diary data (e.g. information on your sleep pattern and Polar OwnIndex).
Each day of exercising has one *.pdd file to show that day's *.hrm file(s) in the software calendar.- The exercise file follows the format yymmdd01.hrm, where y = year, m = month, d = day, 01 = the ordinal number of the exercise for the day.- The diary data file follows the format yyyymmdd.pdd, where y = year, m = month, d = day.
On the target computer

1. Check that you have the latest update on your target computer.
To update ProTrainer 5, go to HelpCheck for updates in the software.

2. Find the software installation folder/your personal folder on the target computer.

3. Paste the source data to the target folder.
If you are moving the entire personal folder, paste it directly to the data folder root (e.g. C:\User\Polar\ProTrainer). Then open the software and add this person to the (target) Polar software calendar.
For instructions, see How to Add an Existing Person to a Team

If you are moving individual year folders/selected individual exercises/other personal data, paste the data into the personal folder (e.g. C:\Users\Polar\Polar ProTrainer\personal folder).

If you have copied entire year folders and you find year folders with the same name in the target location, make sure that you do not overwrite any important exercise data with the imported data. You can move the individual *.hrm and *.ppd files you do not yet have in the target location and paste only them. If you are moving e.g. skiing exercises, make sure that your target software has 'skiing' available in Options Person Properties Sports, otherwise the target software will show the skiing exercise in black. The sport information is included in the person's *.ppd file.
For an easy way to send exercises from one software to another, see How to e-mail exercise data.

4. Start the software. You will see the moved data in the calendar.

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