Base station Lights: Functions and Troubleshooting

Charge indicator

Green light is on:
→ Power cable is connected and/ or the battery is full.
Red light is on:
→ Battery is low and charging.

Red light is blinking every 5 seconds:
→ Battery is low and not charging.

Red light blinks for 3 seconds and power switches off:
→ Battery is empty.

Troubleshooting for base station charging
Power indicator

Base station is on.
Troubleshooting for base station power indicator
Blue 1

Base station is ready for use. The light is lit approx. 1 minute after switch on.
Troubleshooting for Blue 1 light at the base station
Blue 2

PC is connected to the base station and software is running.
Troubleshooting for Blue 2 light at the base station, when using ethernet cable
Blue 3

At least one transmitter is connected to the base station with Bluetooth.
Troubleshooting for base station blue 3 light
Blue 4

This light is not in use.  

Bluetooth indicator is a label, not a light.

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