How do I export individual training sessions from Polar Flow web service?

You can choose either to export your training file as a GPX, TCX or CSV file, or to zip the files for faster download. In case you have a slow internet connection, we recommend you choose the compressed zip file for bigger training files to speed up the export.

You can export the route of a training session in GPX format and other training data - such as heart rate, calorie and cadence data -  in TCX format or CSV format. These formats are widely supported in 3rd party services, such as Training Peaks and Strava. Export of multisport training sessions is available in GPX and TCX file formats.

  1. Go to Diary.
  2. Click a training session to open it.
  3. Click Export session at the bottom of the page.
  4. Choose whether you want to export a TCX file, CSV file, GPX file or one of the files as a zip package. Exporting the file as a zip package makes downloading faster.

The selected file is saved into your computer's default downloads folder. For example, in Windows 7 and Windows 8 the folder is: C:\Users\username\Downloads.

You need to extract the ZIP file first, before you import GPX and TCX files into 3rd party services.

Different programs and sites handle the data differently, some use it as it is, while others recalculate and/or filter it based on their own algorithms. This is why the data exported from Polar Flow may appear slightly different in a 3rd party web service.

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