polarpersonaltrainer.com Release Notes

Release Date: 13th of August 2015

  • Exporting training and fitness data from ppt.com to Flow web service added


  • Training - Diary: Multisport training result does not open, if part of the training without heart rate, fixed
  • Other minor bug fixes improving quality

If you experience errors when opening exercises after the update, try refreshing the page. If this doesn't help, clear your browser cache and try again.

Release Date: 26th of March 2014

  • Progress - Accumulated Ascent/Descent report added
  • Progress - Accumulated Ascent/Descent added in curve view mouse over


  • Training - Favorites: Not possible to delete a favorite training session, fixed
  • Training - Diary: Editing Training result's Lap split distances doesn't work, fixed
  • Training - Diary: Wrong training computer model shown for multisport results in some cases, fixed
  • Training - Strength Training Target: If 1RM value is missing Strength training target can't be saved, fixed
  • Training Programs - Endurance program: Training result naming wrong after synchronization, fixed
  • Training Programs - Endurance program: Target name changed after training result is synchronized, fixed
  • Challenges - Blank page shown when opening some challenges, fixed
  • Challenges - Host can't delete a member, fixed
  • Training Load - graph bar mouse over tip shows sport type instead of sport name, fixed
  • Progress - Compare: Filtering by sport shows training results duplicated in search results, fixed
  • Progress - Compare: Altitude shows lap markers only between 0-1000 ft/m, fixed
  • Profile - Entering Profile causes 'Error code 500" for some users, fixed

If you experience errors when opening exercises after the update, try refreshing the page. If this doesn't help, clear your browser cache and try again.

Release Date: 14th of January 2014

• Training Programs - Running and cycling training programs for RCX5, RCX3 and RC3 GPS enabled


• Challenges - Shared challenge should show only members in accepted state, fixed
• Challenges - User does not receive notification if being removed by challenge owner, fixed
• Training Result - Distance data not shown on "tooltip" in Overview tab for a multisport result with RCX5, fixed
• Favorites - Strenght Training Target: Weight calculated wrong when % is adjusted, fixed
• My Progress - List view: Oldest entry instead of newest shown on the top, fixed
• My Progress - Compare: List doesn't show newest training on top, fixed
• My Progress - Compare: Not possible to compare multisport trainings, fixed
• My Progress - Compare: Colors of selected Training Results change after new search, fixed
• Diary - List view: oldest entry instead of newest shown on the top, fixed
• Diary - Training Result: Name of the synchronized Training Result should be the same as in wrist unit instead of name 'Training Result', fixed
• Diary - Training Target: Phased Target calories are not saved in creation, fixed
• Diary - Training Target: Imperial units cause problem in Weight training target saving in some cases, fixed.
• Challenges - Leaving Challenge does not work for some users, fixed
• Profile - Public Profile: Long 'About me' text on any browser causes hang-up, fixed.

Release Date: 4th of November 2013

• Challenges - Search enables finding ongoing challenges
• Challenges - Public Challenges: Host of the challenge can share the challenge in social media or via email
• Progress - Compare, new report enabling comparing up to 4 training results at the same time
• Progress - Curves, in addition to Speed avg. it is now possible to select Pace avg.
• Profile - Public profile, layout enhancements


• Home - Activity Feed does not show all training results from Polar Beat, fixed
• Progress - Sport Zone summary icons misplaced on Internet Explorer, fixed
• Progress - wrong values for Fitness data when using imperial units, fixed
• Progress - List view summary for Speed/Pace in imperial units, fixed
• Training Result - altitude showing null data in the beginning and end of training, fixed
• Training Result - adding Laps: it is possible to add lap after end time of the exercise, fixed
• Training Result - shared view for RC3 GPS shows no Phase info, fixed
• Training Result - training name, transferred from training computer, is overwritten to default Training Result if any data is edited, fixed
• Community - Challenges: "Select All"/"Deselect All" and "Remove" buttons are present with no functionality when any user have not been invited, fixed
• Community - Challenges ending time does not indicate time zone, fixed
• Favorites - not possible to delete favorite training sessions, fixed
• Sending a message shows the sender's whole name on the receiver's activity feed, fixed
If you experience errors when opening exercises after the update, try refreshing the page. If this doesn't help, clear your browser cache and try again.

Release Date: 27th of September 2013

• Training result - temporary map view issue that caused an error when viewing maps, fixed

Release Date: 9th of September 2013

• Challenges - Leave Challenge button enables leaving ongoing challenge you have taken part in.
• Challenges - progress bar shows training results part of the challenge and their calories/distance in mouse over.
• Progress - mouse over shows information of the training sessions: number of training sessions, duration, distance and calories as a sum value of the day/week/month. Average values of selected curves are shown in mouse over as well.
• Progress - curve selections have been added to Sport Zones report.
• Progress - time period and grouping selections are saved in browser's cookie.
• Training Result - minimum, maximum and average altitude values added for RC3 GPS.


• Progress - Training Load curve does not match with values in Training Load view, fixed.
• Progress - if selected report is Running Distance, Distance does not match running exercises, fixed.
• Training Result - GPX export fails for some multisport exercises, fixed.

Release Date:15th of August 2013

• Progress - heart rate comparison upper and lower limit lines shown incorrectly, fixed
• Progress - pace avg shows min/km even though Data tab shows min/mi, fixed
• Progress - weekly Sport Zones calculated incorrectly, fixed
• Training result - minimum heart rate missing from Data tab, fixed
• Training Result - editing data impossible if cadence value is over 250 rpm, fixed
• Training Result - phased result is showing speed limits instead of pace, fixed
• Training Equipment - summary values are calculated incorrectly including e.g. data of favorite exercises, fixed
• Running program - default event names include characters that leads synchronization to fail in some cases, fixed
• Training Result - Curve/Overview - Phases are not highlighted in curve according to selection in phases list, fixed
• Phased Target - creating a phased target in French and choosing 'retour calme' to the last phase, doesn't work, fixed
• In the endurance program for Cycling there was wrong English text in the Long Ride, which referred to running, fixed

Release Date: 27th of June 2013

• Major improvements in XML export functionality for transferring RCX5 multisport training files
• Improved visualization of multisport training result on map view with yellow color indicating laps and blue color indicating sports changes
• Enhanced web service security


• Phased Target - saving repeated target does not save any targets to Diary, fixed
• Progress Training Load curve not shown for some users, fixed
• Heart Rate data missing from exported training file (RCX5), fixed
• Removing individual sports from multisport result fails, fixed
• Endurance program - target is not saved correctly after editing phases, fixed
• Phased Target - pace values incorrect after saving target, fixed
• Exported file does not match XML schema document, fixed

Release Date: 3rd of June 2013

New features:
• New notes sheet added to training result. Now you can add lap specific information for each lap.
• Improved Sport zones visualization for users training with ZoneOptimizer feature. Curve view and percentage view now both indicate Optimized Zones if ZoneOptimizer used.
• Altitude sheet - now possible to edit ascent and descent values for each lap
• polarpersonaltrainer.com Help section improved with links and videos.


• Unclear texts in polarpersonaltrainer.com password reset, fixed
• Power curve scaled wrongly for CS600X, fixed
• Synchronization fails with FT80 due to deleted strength training exercises, fixed
• Saving exercise results is not possible if HR value is over 240, fixed
• Training Result - Map - Lap info box is showing distance in miles incorrectly, fixed
• Load error from Activity Feed list, fixed
• Training Load - curve changes if first day of the week is changed, fixed
• Training result - map and heart rate curve don't match when dragging the mouse over the curve using Internet Explorer, fixed
• Editing Lap split distances doesn't work, fixed
• Diary shows an extra week for endurance programs, fixed
• Lap Avg Speed/Pace calculations are wrong (and differ from wrist unit Laps values), fixed
• Deleting a manual lap deducts split time and distance from the following lap, fixed
• Phased Target – entered sport doesn’t save so the target is not transferred to RCX5 if Sport is not entered again, fixed
• Chinese language - Training curve has English button in multisport, fixed
• Fat percentage curve showing incorrect data, fixed
• Sport zones shown in curves tab for RCX3 but not for RCX5, fixed
• Re-requesting friendship causes error, fixed
• Progress list view empty, fixed
• Add lap -button not working for map view, fixed
• Japanese translation for 'Duration' is incorrect, fixed
• Training program ending event not translated if another language in use than English, fixed
• Home page - Messages and Friends count doesn’t update on Internet Explorer
• Scaling for weight has been improved in Progress view
• Y-axis scaling has been adjusted according to the HR in Progress view
• Autolaps stay visible in the curve if training has no manual laps, fixed
• Load error when saving manually added training result, fixed
• Saving an exercise as an favorite doesn't work, fixed

Release Date: 15th of April 2013

New features:
• User can add a feeling on how the exercise went to the exercise result on the data tab
• Ascent / descent bar chart for laps on the altitude tab (only for users with RC3 GPS with altitude)
• Activity feed can now be filtered (for example filter with training results, targets, fitness tests )
• Fitness test now indicates also your fitness class level (e.g Elite)
• better compatibility for Polar Beat application
- Exercises made with Polar Beat transfer to partners


• Manual entry of the Fit/Fat zones missing, fixed
• Copy/ paste option of the favorite training sessions disabled, fixed
• Endurance program (German language) has two different descriptions in the RCX5 of the Long run "Langer Lauf" and "Lange Fahrt", fixed
• Unnecessary warning text after failed GPX export, fixed
• When exporting 2 exercises from list view, the 2nd exercise isn't exported but the first one is again, fixed
• My profile - viewing your public profile using German language you get error code 500, fixed
• Training result - exercise with manual laps and with sensors used only partly during exercise break lap column order, fixed
• My Progress - checkbox is not unchecked if the checkbox name is clicked to uncheck the box, fixed
• Able to save a nickname using only 2 characters even though nickname should be 4-32 characters, fixed
• Unable to add exercises to an already saved Strength training exercise which has no exercises, fixed

Release Date: 4th of March 2013

New features:
• Altitude tab for easier analysis of the training result.
The altitude tab is shown when using a heart rate monitor with altitude feature (CS600, CS600X, RS800, RS800X, CS500+, RCX5 with GPS, RCX3 with GPS and RC3 GPS altitude).
Ascent and decent are shown for each lap for RC3 GPS with altitude feature enabled.
• Now you can export exercises as xml format straight from the training result.


• Not possible to save the exported file from list view, fixed
• Training Program (English language in use): Tempo ride target indicates different training zone in polarpersonaltrainer.com than in RCX5, fixed
• Training Load colors in Diary are all green if not in UTC time, fixed
• Manually added training result indicated 1 zone even though the wrist unit in use don't support zones, fixed
• Manually added training result showed 2 and 3 zone limits as the same, fixed
• Training result copy option removed
• Training result - Exercises with manual laps and with both with and without sensor data brake lap table layout, fixed
• Shared exercise had wrong units and the altitude curve out of the chart, fixed
• Not able to delete a favorite training, fixed
• Warning text added if user is trying to create a training program using Chinese or Japanese characters
• GPX export - time stamps wrong, fixed

Release Date: 4th of February 2013

New features:


  • GPS route data export from polarpersonaltrainer.com to your computer for the use of other applications which support GPX -files
  • Fixes:
    • Training Target - Target without a distance doesn't calculate the distance correctly, fixed
    • Sharing an exercise via e-mail has the cadence Avg wrong, fixed
    • Training program - Outdoor program can't be created when Dutch or Norwegian in use, fixed
    • Multisport result shows rows in wrong place in data tab, fixed
    • Training Load - spike in the cumulative curve after the year change, fixed
    • Challenge - detailed rules link doesn't work, fixed
    • Training Target - can't synchronize if only calorie target. Warning text added.
    • Problem with speed / pace curve scaling, fixed - Speed and pace curve scaling has been modified so that when altitude is disabled the scaling is no longer affected by the altitude
    • Training result can't be deleted (if it has altitude data), fixed