Polar ProTrainer 5 Release Notes

Release Date: 1st March 2016, version 5.42.005

Fixes to Polar ProTrainer 5:
  • Export to Flow fails due to empty sport name in Protrainer 5 , fixed
  • Export to Flow fails due to "Temporary break in Polar Flow due to maintenance" error message, fixed

Release Date: 27th January 2016, version 5.42.004

Fixes to Polar Pro Trainer 5:
  • HR max not shown in curve view, fixed
  • Date of birth not shown correctly for users born in 2000 or later, fixed
  • Transfer to Polar Flow: Data not shown correctly in Flow web service, when distance is selected on X-axis, fixed
  • Log files older than 30 days are deleted automatically, added
  • Transfer to Polar Flow - Zone limits: if fewer than five sport zones are in use, software will add additional zone(s) to low intensity area to distribute exercise time to five zones (five zones are required in Flow web service), added

Release Date: 26th November 2015, version 5.42.002

Fixes to Polar Pro Trainer 5
  • Conversion problem when exporting training data with imperial units from Polar ProTrainer 5 SW to Flow web service, fixed
  • SW crashing occasionally in Windows XP environment, fixed

Release Date: 18th November 2015, version 5.42.001

Enhancements to Polar ProTrainer 5
  • Exporting training and fitness data from Polar ProTrainer 5 SW to Flow web service added

Release Date: 8th May 2013, version 5.41.2

Fixes to Polar Pro Trainer 5 and Pro Trainer 5 Equine Edition
  • Track information and GoogleEarth export does not work, fixed
  • Training Plan: Import and Export buttons missing in 5.41.000, fixed
  • Lap markers placed wrongly, fixed
  • It should be possible to save more than 131 072 samples, fixed
  • Sport in Google Earth window is always sport of first exercise of day in Diary, fixed
  • RLX curve changes after choosing Selection Info, fixed
  • RS800CX route data incorrect in certain cases with 1s recording rate, fixed
  • Bug in saving/showing gps data if longitude or latitude is near zero, fixed