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Be it a quick battery change or precision warranty service, the Polar service network is at your disposal in the United Kingdom. Find the location nearest to you on the map or register your service online and send your product directly to the Polar Central Service in Warwick. Please note that warranty service is given only by the Polar Central Service in Warwick. We provide three different types of service points depending on the level of service you require. Please select the service type that is best suited for your service need.


Battery Change Service

Battery Change Service

Here you get quick battery changes done on location for products with user-changeable battery. You can also use this as a service drop-off if you need more than a battery change.

Authorized Service

Authorized Service

Here quick repairs, all battery changes, and more demanding non-warranty service is done on location. You can also use this as a service drop-off if your service case is more complex and needs to be sent to Central Service.

Central Service

Central Service

All warranty services in the country are concentrated here. You can also bring or send your product in for non-warranty service. If you send in your service, please register online to get a tracking code.

Register your service
tel: +44-1926 310 330
fax: +44-1926 428 944

tel: +44-1926 310 330
fax: +44-1926 428 944

London Time Retail Limited
Westfield Shopping Centre, Kiosk 1003, Opposite M.Kors Shop, Shepherds Bush
W12 7SL London
tel: 0208 746 2511

tel: +44-1926 310 330
fax: +44-1926 428 944

Following a service you may receive information regarding our latest offers & products. You can opt out at any time.

Battery replacement

You can change the battery yourself to these Polar products. Please see product user manual for instructions.

When changing the battery yourself, remember to replace the sealing ring if it seems damaged.

If your product is not on the list, please turn to your closest Authorized Service or send your product to Central Service in your country for battery change.
Full periodic and water resistance checks are performed with every battery change.

Battery disposal

Polar recycles batteries as part of our commitment to the preservation of the environment. When changing the battery yourself, please follow your local recycling regulations for safe disposal.

See Polar Environmental Policy here.

Price List

It's important to us that you get to enjoy training with your Polar products for a long time. To make sure of this, please use Polar-authorized service centers. With us you know that you get a well-trained staff who know our products inside out and use the correct spare parts. We also make sure your products are tested according to specifications before they are returned to you.

The prices below for Battery Replacement service are correct as of March 2013

Category 1: £7.70

Wearlink , H Series HR sensors (Sealing rings included)

Category 2: £9.00

FT4, FT7 (Sealing rings included)

Category 3: £11.00

S3, S3+ & Bluetooth Smart (Sealing rings included), G1, G3 (Sealing ring included), CS100. CS200. CS500, CS600X (Sealing ring included), FA20, FT40, FT60, FT80. RCX3 (Sealing ring included), all other products not listed.

Catergory 4: £15.00

RCX5, RS400, RS800 (Sealing ring included)

Prices above do not include return battery cover or postage and packing. Battery cover if require d is £3.50 and postage and packing by Recorded Delivery for all service work is £5.50.

Service FAQ

Can I troubleshoot my issue before contacting Polar service?

My product is under warranty and I need service. What should I do?

All warranty repairs are done at Polar Central Service in Warwick. You can send in your product directly (please register your service case online) or, find the closest retailer or Authorized Service to send it in for you.

My product is no longer under warranty and I need service. What should I do?

To change battery, check here if you can change it yourself. If your product is not on the list, please find your closest Authorized Service here.

If you need more than a battery chance, please contact an Authorized Service near you, or send your product(s) directly to Central Service. Sending instructions.

I want to send my product directly to Central Service. What should I do?

If there is no Authorized Service near you, please send your product(s) directly to Central Service in Warwick. Central Service does all warranty and non-warranty services to Polar products and returns them to you once service is complete.

Please register your service case online before sending it to Central Service. You can then track your repair status online.

How do I send my product to Central Service?
For reasons of health and hygiene, please ensure that your Polar equipment is clean and dry prior to sending it in for servicing or repair. Any products deemed not to be clean and/or dry will be returned to you.

1. Include all parts of the Polar product (e.g. transmitter with its belt and the training computer) and pack carefully to avoid damage during transit.
2. If the product is under warranty, enclose a copy of the proof of purchase.
3. Include a detailed description of the problem.
4. Include your name, return address, and telephone number during office hours.
5. Register & Ship to Polar Central Service :

Polar Electro (UK) Ltd
Polar House
Heathcote Way
Heathcote Industrial Estate
CV34 6TE

What do the free training computer tests include?

1. Careful visual inspection to determine any external damage.
2. Battery voltage check.
3. Checking and cleaning of case contacts.<
4. Sealing check and free replacement when needed.
5. Water resistance testing.
6. Operational testing.

What do the free sensor tests include?

1. Careful visual inspection to determine any external damage.
2. Checking the range of transmission to rule out any problems.
3. Checking the heart rate sensor electrode conductivity.
4. Cleaning of the sensor parts thoroughly when necessary.

Polar Electro (UK) Ltd.

Consumer Environmental Information:

Disposal of Electrical Equipment

Polar Products are electronic devices and are in the scope of Directive 2002/96/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). These products should thus be disposed of separately in EU countries. Polar encourages you to minimize possible effects of waste on the environment and human health by following local waste disposal regulations and, where possible, utilize separate collection of electronic devices.

Electrical and electronic equipment should never be disposed of with general household waste but should be separately collected for their proper treatment and recovery.

The crossed-out bin symbol, placed on the product packaging, reminds you of the need to dispose of the product correctly at the end of its life. In this way you will assist in the recovery, recycling and reuse of many of the materials used in this product.

At the end of the life of your product please:

  • utilize local Council disposal facilities for electronic equipment, or
  • contact your retailer for information on disposal arrangements, or
  • return your product to Polar Electro (UK) Ltd for safe disposal. Postage cost will be refunded (please enclose receipt).

Where possible, recycle your packaging.

With your help it is possible to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic waste ending up in landfill and to improve quality of life by preventing the release of potentially harmful substances into the environment.

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